‘Adi’ the Haitian Tractor

All through January, a very special container has been making its way to Haiti.  Inside is ‘Adi the Haitian Tractor’.
Her name comes from her original Irish registration, ADI, which covers the county of Roscommon in the west of Ireland- and comes from a time many of us wouldn’t even remember.
Adi is over 50 years old, but has been the subject of a full nut and bolt restoration to put her back to better than factory condition.  Every inch of her has been cleaned, blasted and painted.  Every element of the mechanicals rebuilt and tested.  She’s a very special girl now, and she has a very special job to do.
This February a disassembled Adi will arrive to Isle a Vache and will be rebuilt there and then on the dock.  Our team have practised again and again and are confident that we might even set a record of some sort – only time will tell.  Once assembled, Adi will begin her new life tilling the ground that will feed the people of Isle a Vache.  We couldn’t think of a more appropriate purpose for Adi, than to be reborn and help the rebirth of a nation.
Adi is just one part of our plans to help the people ofHaitienjoy self-sufficiency over time.  We believe that equipping people to care for themselves will ultimately make for a stronger more united Haiti as the country continues to rebuild itself following the devastation of three years ago.
We’ll be posting pictures of Adi’s rebuild on the docks towards the end of next month.  Be sure to stop by and see how she’s doing in her new home.

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