Progress Report – our work in Kenscoff

For those of you that follow the work we do in Haiti, you are no doubt aware that a number of times a year, volunteers from our Organisation travel to Haiti to work on Orphanages there. Currently we are working in an orphanage in Kenscoff where we have been improving the infrastructure within it by putting in wheelchair access paths and ramps. Over the last number of trips we have put in well over 300 square metres of concrete, connecting the different houses on site.

Following a recent visit by our Chairman Mr John O Connell to the orphanage, we were sent a photograph of 2 children, both in wheelchairs talking to each other, after one had called to the others house. Most people would take little notice of them talking but it was made possible by the paths that John had laid during his visit. Something as simple as a path can improve the lives of those in wheelchairs who can now move from house to house without having to be carried. Making such a difference to the lives of others is one of the reasons why we keep doing what we do.

Even when we are not in Haiti, the work continues. Over the last few months we have been busy gathering used medical equipment from around the country and storing it in a warehouse in Cork. On the 24th September last a large group of volunteers loaded 74 Used Hospital Beds, 34 Used Mattresses, 250 Headboards and Footboards, 6 Remedial Clinic child standers, 1 Antenatal changing table, 4 Bags Children’s Clothes, 12 Walkers, 5 Bags of Children’s Shoes, 1 Childs Buggy, 7 Wheelchairs, 24 Over Bed Hoist Frames, 100 Surgical Catheters, 2 Eschmann J3 surgical table, 3 Hospital Waste Bins, 2 SSR waterproof sealer 25l, 8 SSR waterproof sealer 5l, 20 Children’s Car Seats, 1 Elbow Pads, 100 Crutches, 5 Commode Chairs, 3 Bags of Bandages, 17 Drip Stand, 2 Blood Culture Kits, 1 Bag of Christmas Decorations, 2 Orthopedic Boots, 1 Bag of Toys, 1 Suction equipment units, 1 Autoclave Oven, 1 Medical Storage Unit and 1 Nurses Drug Trolley for the humanitarian programs at Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs. The container has already been collected and has already begun its journey to Haiti, taking between 4 and 6 weeks to reach its destination.

There are a number of ways you can help us do the work we do. You might like to donate on our web page or you might have a contact that knows where a hospital are upgrading their beds and equipment and are getting rid of the old equipment, then email us with contact details and we will do the rest. 

We are currently planning a trip at the end of October where we hope to again add to the infrastructure within the orphanage and repair a number of roofs that are leaking. It would be fantastic if the container we sent were to arrive when our volunteers were over.

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