Appeal for Buoyancy Aids, Floats and Fenders

Four weeks ago, following a conversation between Seamus O Brien, a boat builder, Trevor Whelan, a sailor and I, a volunteer with The Haiti orphanage Project Espwa, an idea to flat pack a traditional West of Ireland Curragh and ship it to Haiti was formed. Since then, not one Curragh but two have been prepared and are at time of writing this piece are on their way to Haiti in a forty foot container packed with medical supplies and equipment.

The project is in its infancy but all projects must start somewhere. It is intended that older children from orphanages in Tabarre and Kenscoff will get master classes in boat construction when Seamus travels with The Haiti Orphanage Project on an upcoming trip. The boats will be completed during the planned trip and will be donated to the orphanage. There is also a plan to source local materials and continue building boats into the future.

Another element to the boat building is sea safety.  Generally, locals do not wear life jackets or buoyancy aids when at sea but we are intent on ensuring that the boats we give to the orphanages will have lifejackets or buoyancy aids. Naomhog Corcai, a rowing club in Cork have donated 8 lifejackets but with your Organisations help we could source buoyancy aids, Floats and Fenders. Can you HELP. Aids in good condition would be appreciated.

The next part of this project is the sourcing and shipping of fishing nets to Haiti. We are also looking for help with this part of the project.


John Cronin

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