Would you believe?

‘Would you believe that diapers, if you can find them, are one of the most expensive items to buy on the Island?’

When our volunteers send us updates on life in post-earthquake Haiti, it’s striking how the simple things that you and I take for granted become so valuable that they’re almost currency. Diapers, schoolbags, socks, underwear – things that wouldn’t normally be top of any relief-aid list, but things that give a little dignity back to peoplmeathe who’ve had so little for so long.

Our last two containers shipped to Haiti arrived recently and unloading began at 8.00am in already sweltering heat. Our local partners worked right through till dark, unloading box after box of items donated by our incredibly generous supporters.

GAA Cul-Camp donated hundreds of backpacks that children could use for school. Aside from the sense of pride that these everyday products can provide, a single schoolbag can cost up to $20 to buy – and when the average wage is $160 per month you can see how hard it is for families to meet the cost.

Children in two parishes near the orphanage at Kenscoff were given school uniforms provided by our friends in Truly Fare. Donated bicycles were shipped and given to those who have the furthest to walk to school or work. Musical instruments were distributed to the local school and orphanage. Specialist wheelchairs and walkers, kindly provided by 3rMobility, were sent for use in the hospital at Tabarre, Haiti’s only paediatric facility.

A lot of what we ship provides direct medical or material aid. But equally, much of what we send helps create a sense of hope and optimism that things might be changing for the better. The pride of a young child in their new school uniform is a joy to behold. Not to mention the relief of a person who longer has to rise at 4.00am to walk hours to work because they now have a functioning bicycle.

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