From Meath to Haiti – the GAA puts it’s arms around the world

The local GAA club is the heartbeat of many an Irish town. But did you know that that heart can be heard beating almost 6,500kms away?

We’ve shipped hundreds of GAA Cul Camp packs from Ireland to Haiti. To see the children lined up in their GAA tops wearing their GAA backpacks is a sight to behold.  The backpacks in particular are a lifeline to parents. Schoolbags are in short supply and as a result can cost up to $20 to buy – a huge sum of money when the average wage (for those lucky enough to be working) is just $150 a month.

We’d like to thank Meath GAA in particular for their incredible generosity.  The GAA family isn’t limited to just our shores – it’s impact is felt all around the world.

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