Urgent appeal as Haiti suffers once again

Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake on 14th August, a crushing blow to a country shell-shocked by a presidential assassination and still recovering from the disastrous quake that struck the island a little over 11 years ago.

It’s hard to believe that it’s happened again.  In 2010, 250,000 died.  Over a million were made homeless.   An entire generation of orphans were created overnight.  Since then the island has suffered constant social and economic hardship, with recent months seeing a descent into lawlessness culminating in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July.

This earthquake was even bigger than the one that struck in 2010, the only saving grace that it’s epicentre was in a less populated part of the island.  The devastation, however, is extensive.  So far the death toll stands at almost 2,000.  With so many buildings nothing more than piles of rubble, that number will unfortunately climb as people begin to search their ruined homes.

Once again Haiti is in dire need of even the most basic of supplies.  Hospitals have been overwhelmed.  People once again find themselves homeless and vulnerable for the second time in a decade.

To further deepen the challenge, tropical storm Grace has lashed southern Haiti with drenching rains, piling on misery for survivors and making relief efforts all the more difficult.

Power is still out.  Communications are non-existent.  Roads were turned to rivers as inches of rain fell in just a few short hours.  At Project ESPWA, we can’t even start to express our feelings about what’s happening yet again.  That’s why we need your help and we need it today.

The donate section of our website, powered by Donorbox, is a fully secure facility that allows you help people who’ve lost everything not once, but twice.  We are a volunteer based organisation, and every cent that we receive goes straight into our relief efforts on the island.

If you can, please help.  Our focus now is to ship as much aid as we can to try and ease the situation on the ground.  Any donation, no matter how small, will help us purchase, pack and ship containers directly to those who need it most.

To help, simply click the donate button on the top right corner of your screen – your kindness will help vulnerable families find safety and security as they look to, once again, rebuild their shattered lives.

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