In just 20 short seconds a catastrophic earthquake devastated the small Caribbean county of Haiti. An estimated 250,000 people died. 300,000 were injured. Over 1 million were left homeless.

With morgues quickly reaching capacity, corpses were stacked in the street. Lawlessness soon become widespread, particularly in the vast cardboard cities where the displaced huddled together.

An entire generation of orphans were created overnight – frightened, alone and vulnerable to disease, violence and exploitation.

Working exclusively with local orphanages, we have made it our goal to give these children a safe place to sleep and the chance of a meaningful education. We protect them from dangers they shouldn’t have to understand, creating an environment where they get the chance to be children once more.

Even though the news agenda has moved on, the situation for the children of Haiti remains grim – with poverty, poor sanitation and food insecurity continuing to plague the small island nation. Haiti may no longer be in the news, but its children are always in our hearts.