A bike can change a life

Sometimes we can all get a little annoyed at our daily commute – but imagine getting up at 4.00am to walk three hours to work (if you’re one of those lucky enough to have a job). Then imagine the life-changing effect of something as simple as a bicycle. Three hours become less than one. Children … Read more

‘No estan solos’

Translating as ‘you are not alone’ these were the words of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez as he addressed the people of Honduras in the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes in just two short weeks. Both were category 4 storms – the second-highest rating possible on the Saffir-Simpson scale.  With sustained wind speeds of between … Read more

Warm blankets for cold nights

As a charity, we focus on improving the lives of Haiti’s most vulnerable children. Firstly, there’s our work on the ground – building, repairing and improving facilities at the Island’s overburdened orphanages, but did you know that we also maintain a regular supply line of aid shipped directly from Ireland? Each sea-going container we ship … Read more

From Belfast with love

As part of our relief works on the Island of Haiti, we regularly purchase, fill and transport shipping containers of aid directly to those most in need. These containers are packed full of donated items that will help improve life for children orphaned by the devastating 2010 earthquake. There’s 74 cubic metres of life changing … Read more

Would you believe?

‘Would you believe that diapers, if you can find them, are one of the most expensive items to buy on the Island?’ When our volunteers send us updates on life in post-earthquake Haiti, it’s striking how the simple things that you and I take for granted become so valuable that they’re almost currency. Diapers, schoolbags, … Read more

A ‘wheely’ big surprise

Even though a lot of our time is spent working on construction projects of some description, it’s great when we’re able to bring a little bit of fun back to vulnerable children’s lives.  The photo shows an amazing consignment of 61 bicycles, 10 tricycles and 10 scooters collected and expertly repaired by Kieran Meegan from … Read more

7 days on the ground – A Volunteers Perspective

Having thought about going to Haiti for a while, I had plenty of time to research the country, its climate, temperatures, population, currency, language etc.  So I thought I was prepared for my new adventure but nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced during my week in Haiti with Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA. … Read more

Appeal for Buoyancy Aids, Floats and Fenders

Four weeks ago, following a conversation between Seamus O Brien, a boat builder, Trevor Whelan, a sailor and I, a volunteer with The Haiti orphanage Project Espwa, an idea to flat pack a traditional West of Ireland Curragh and ship it to Haiti was formed. Since then, not one Curragh but two have been prepared … Read more

Medical Supplies for Haiti

Part of a consignment of medical supplies soon to be loaded on a container which will be sent to Haiti as part of the relief effort.