We maintain a regular supply of relief aid shipped directly from Ireland and our donor’s are the lifeblood of what we do. Whether the cause is conflict or natural disaster, food insecurity and material shortages always threaten the most vulnerable people in society. The range of items we’ve shipped is diverse, but at its core it’s things that will meaningfully improve the lives of those hardest hit. No matter what the nature of your business (or contents of your garage), please drop us a line – we’d love to talk.

Sample items shipped to date

Medical items – crutches, wheelchairs, hospital beds, scrubs, blankets. In short, anything serviceable that could work in a medical / disabled care environment.

Clothing – shoes, school uniforms, sportswear (including jerseys – children love them), underwear, general clothing items. Anything new or in good condition for both adults and children.

Sanitary items – nappies, female sanitary products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps & gels etc. These products help to give people a sense of dignity and normalcy in the most trying of times.

Furniture – office and school desks / chairs in particular. We work with schools and healthcare facilities who see a constant shortage of these items. If you are moving office or don’t need your office furniture anymore, please consider giving it a second life helping educate a generation of children.

Bicycles – we’ve shipped hundreds of adult and children’s bikes. In Haiti in particular, for those lucky enough to have a job, they often face a two- or three-hour walk each way just to get to work. The simple gift of a bicycle will mean time with their children in the evening and a huge improvement in the quality of their lives.

Building materials – nails, screws, tools, cement etc. We’ve shipped tonnes of nails and screws to places where they were simply unobtainable. If you can use it to build, we can use it to change lives.

Other stuff – if you don’t see what you have in the list above, please contact us anyway. We’ve shipped mattresses, toys, pens, pencils, schoolbags, sportsbags, filing cabinets, three boats and a disassembled tractor to name just a few. If it has a use and you have it – we need it.